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PowerScan™ 8300 Obsolescence Notice
Datum objave 20.12.2016
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 Datalogic Sales Bulletin


  Obsolescence Notice

PowerScan™ 8300 Obsolescence Notice


Datalogic's is announcing the obsolescence of the PowerScan 8300 Laser models with residual availability.  The obsolescence will affect all PowerScan 8300 corded and cordless models as well as all related special models.

Replacement Product Recommendation

Datalogic’s PowerScan portfolio offers the following alternatives to replace the 8300 series of scanners:    

New PowerScan™ 9300 Series:  A  new Datalogic laser platform will be available in December, 2016. This new series of scanners combines the unique features and reliability of the PowerScan 9000 series with laser reading performances.

PowerScan™ 9500 Series:  2D Area Imagers.  According to actual market trends, imaging technology is replacing laser technology in almost all applications. End Users can benefit from the omnidirectional reading of 1D codes together with image download capabilities and access to 2D reading capabilities.  To expedite the transition, we remind you that the PowerScan 9500 imagers are mechanically compatible with the PowerScan 8300 accessories (example: the PM9500-433RB reader can charged with the PM8300 reader’s cradle, BC-8030-433). For more information about backward compatibility, please contact the Datalogic Technical Team who can support your request in the best possible way.

Datalogic Technical Team

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